Thina Margrethe Saltvedt

Thina Margrethe Saltvedt is Nordea Markets' senior macro oil analyst and global commodities strategist. Based in Oslo, she holds a PhD in Economics and MSc in International Business from the University of Manchester's Institute of Science and Technology. Additionally she has attained a management degree from the Norwegian School of Management and studied tax law at the University of Oslo.

Prior to Nordea, Thina has worked for Norges Bank.

Nordea WebTV uke 17: Spenning knyttet til PMIer

Mens Europa var i dvale påskeuken, kom det kinesiske BNP-tall for første kvartal og amerikanske inflasjons- og detaljomsetningstall. I Kina er veksten på vei ned, mens de amerikanske dataene var sterke. Denne uken er det spenning knyttet til foreløpige kinesiske PMI fra HSBC/Markits og foreløpige PMIer fra Eurosonen.

No carnival mood in Caracas: The economic crisis and unrest drive up oil prices

• Protests can potentially affect Venezuelan oil sector again • Venezuela’s economy highly exposed to a drop in oil prices • Future potential for Venezuelan oil industry is enormous • New challenge from US shale oil production

Never say never again - will the geopolitics of the Ukraine crisis influence gas flows to Europe?

• Ukraine turmoil can challenge gas supply to Europe and push prices higher • It is not the first time in history that energy supplies can be part of a political power struggle • Five reasons why Europe should be less exposed to a Ukrainian supply halt than in 2009 • Gas markets are changing – challenging Russia’s dominating position in Europe • Shale gas can turn Ukraine into a gas exporter in the future

Metals Market Weekly Chartpack

Metals Market Weekly Chartpack

Nordea WebTV uke 4: Langsom bedring i eurosonen

Gjeninnhentingen i eurosonen viser tegn til å få fotfeste. Denne uken får vi de viktige PMI'ene. Vi venter at de vil reflektere at gjeninnhentingen er på vei.

Nordea webTV uke 3: Sysselsettingsveksten i USA vil komme tilbake

Denne uken har vi laget to webTV-sendinger, én som omhandler internasjonale tall og begivenheter og én om de norske nøkkeltallene.

Nordea WebTV uke 2: Spennende start på 2014

I denne WebTV-sendingen diskuterer vi arbeidsmarkedstallene fra USA som kommer fredag og viktige norske nøkkeltall.

Oil: Do they know it’s Christmas time at all?

The Brent crude price has been hovering around USD 111.75/barrel over the Christmas week on increasing political risk in Africa and thin trading volumes.

Oil: Tales of the unexpected

Brent oil price is expected to be marginally lower in the forecast period, from USD 109/b in 2013 to USD 107/b in 2014 and USD 106/b in 2015. Oil demand continues to grow steady as the beating drum. Non-OPEC supply grows faster than the speed of light in 2014. OPEC capacity outlook – expect the unexpected

Nordea WebTV uke 50: Norges Bank med lavere rentebane

I Nordea WebTV denne uken ser vi på Norges Banks nye rentebane og vurderer forrige ukes sterke nøkkeltall fra USA.

Oil viewpoint: Pressure increases on OPEC members to cut back production in 2014

• No changes to production ceiling expected • Pressure increases to cut back in production as demand for OPEC-oil may fall • Too early to expect large flows of Iranian oil back in the market • Risk of further supply disruption among OPEC members is still high

Oil viewpoint: No sharp oil price drop expected if Iran/West negotiations succeed

• Optimists hoping for a temporary agreement today • Positive effects of diplomatic progress already priced in – no major oil price move expected • Temporary agreement virtually no effect on the supply/demand balance • No sharp oil price drop expected if Iranian production resumes as Saudi Arabia will balance the market • A sharp oil price fall can put pressure on OPEC cooperation

Oil Viewpoint: Tumble and fall

Brent oil prices took another tumble yesterday, closing at USD 103.46/barrel, down USD 1.78 from the day before.

Oil Viewpoint: Libya and Syria – double-trouble for the oil market

Oil prices spiked by a massive/with a formidable USD 7/barrel Tuesday 27 August as concerns are mounting over the consequences from a military strike on Syria by the West. Brent reached a high of USD 117.18/barrel and WTI USD 112.20/barrel Wednesday morning and is now trading at USD 116/barrel.