Erik Bruce

Erik Bruce follows the Norwegian economy closely, concentrating on the foreign exchange and interest rate markets. His role is to formulate and present Nordea's view on the domestic and international economy for domestic and international clients.

Prior to joining Nordea, Erik has worked for the Norwegian Ministry of Finance and the consultancy firm, ECON.

Northern Lights: Goldilocks?

Following this morning’s CPI figures, the Riksbank is widely expected to cut rates. But how can you trade SEK and Swedish Rates in this environment? Find out more on that, alongside updated views from our macroeconomists and strategists across the Nordic region. Northern Light gives you everything you need on Scandinavian Macro, FX and Fixed Income. Enjoy!

Morgenrapport Norge 8. april

Viktig i dag: Ingen endring fra BoJ Siden sist: Flat trend i industriproduksjonen

Morgenrapport Norge 7. april

Viktig i dag: Flat industriproduksjon Viktig denne uka: KPI fra Norges litt på nedsiden og nedrevidering fra Riksbank Siden sist: Brukbar arbeidsmarkedsrapport og hva skal Norges Bank gjøre med bankene.

Norges Bank will take lower mortgages rates into consideration

Norwegian banks are lowering their mortgages rates Means higher forecast for key rates all else equal Could trigger hike this year if mortgages fall further

Wage settlement close to Norges Bank forecast

• Wage settlement seemingly slightly on the weak side • But Norges Bank will probably keep its forecast

Morgenrapport Norge 3. april

Viktig i dag: Lønnsoppgjør i tråd med anslag. Ellers boligpriser og Draghi Siden sist: Høyere enn ventet ledighet i desember, men lavere i januar

Are Norges Bank to start buying NOK?

Norges Bank will not buy foreign exchange for some time And will some day in the future sell foreign exchange

Norges Bank comment: Rates on hold

• No change in rates • A rate path very similar to the one in December • First hike mid 2015 • I line with expectations

Morgenrapport Norge 26. mars

Viktig i dag: Ordretall fra USA Siden sist: Sterk oppgang i forbrukertilliten i USA

Norway prewarning:Path little changed from December

• New rate path very similar to December path • In line with market pricing • Must indicate a change in key rates in 2014 to have a lasting impact on the market

Week Ahead: 22-28 March 2014

Flash PMIs from the Euro area, as well as the IFO index from Germany are on top of the agenda next week. In Scandiland the Norges Bank meeting on Thursday will attract the most attention. Find our expectations here.

Morgenrapport Norge 20. mars

Viktig i dag: Fed ser for seg tidligere økning

Navigatøren: Markedet leter etter retningen

27 mars legger Norges Bank fram ny renteprognose. Vår beste gjetning er at Norges Bank ikke har endret vesentlig syn hverken på vekstutsiktene eller inflasjon og at renteprognosen derfor ikke blir veldig forskjellig fra den de lagde i desember. Det vil si at renten blir lave lenge inntil en først renteøkning i 2015.

Morgenrapport Norge 17. mars

Viktig i dag: Nedjustert inflasjon i eurosonen? Viktig denne uken: Fed fortsetter i samme tempo Siden sist: Fortsatt svak vekst i Norge

Norway: The network is on the weak side

• Regional network slighty on the weak side to Norges Bank

Morgenrapport Norge 12. mars

Viktig i dag: Nordea slipper nye prognoser Siden sist: Svensk reprise

Norway February core inflation as expected

• February core inflation as expected • Inflation will not change the coming rate path.